Quick morning rant: trans != predator

Ok. Quick rant for the morning. Seriously. Whatever happened to reporting the news and not injecting one’s opinion about things?? It’s akin to telling people how to think rather than letting people figure this stuff out on their own (basically, the news media seems to believe we’re all morons). I recently came across this tidbit about Gainesville washroom issue. At issue is whether trans individuals should be allowed to use the washroom of their true gender and not be forced to use the one of their “birth” gender. The Independent Florida Alligator (perhaps a local paper?) said this about the issue.

Gainesville voters will soon decide whether to amend the city’s discrimination policy amid controversy.

The city election will be held on March 24, and the ballot will include a proposal, Amendment 1, to remove local anti–discrimination protections. Instead state–level protections would apply.

For Amendment 1 supporters, the vote will decide if male sexual predators will continue to have legally protected access to public areas designated as women only, like bathrooms.

For those who oppose the amendment, the future of civil rights in Gainesville is at stake, in particular the rights of transgender, lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Now, I’ve bolded the line in question. It’s comments like this that people use to associate transwomen with “predator”, “pedophile”, etc. A predator doesn’t need the guise of a different gender to do what they want. In fact, they rarely do so. I suspect this may be the real reason we see it happen more often. (supposition on my part — bad, Linus, bad). What will happen, if this is passed, is that many will lose their protections under the law in Gainesville. Apparently, for “Citizens for Good Public Policy”, the organization behind this, that’s acceptable “collateral damage” (read: LGBQ will also lose protections as a result of this).

I wonder how this Amendment would fare if a cis-gender woman who has very strong masculine features or an intersex person is caught under this (not for anything illegal but the presumption of illegalities)? Collateral damages, eh? New York has a law that allows a person to go into the washroom of their chosen gender without issue. There hasn’t been a rash of attacks against women or anything like that.

This is just FUDing (propogating fear, uncertainty and doubt) at its worst.

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2 thoughts on “Quick morning rant: trans != predator

  1. I wonder how many sexual predators even patrol restrooms for potential victims.


    Is public potty sexual assault really THAT big of an issue in Gainesville? I’m surprised they didn’t cut to the chase and suggest that, next thing we know, goats will want to use public washrooms.

  2. LOL. Perhaps. I was doing some reading and I think they are concerned about someone using it as a defense after the fact. I really don’t think that’s a valid concern, IMO, because that would suggest they felt that way prior to entering the washroom.

    We’ll see what happens, however.


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