Who knew that running could be… fun?!?

It’s weird. When I first got my Vibram Five Finger shoes I wasn’t sure how I’d respond to the running but thus far, my body and mind have been in sync. I’m actually enjoying it. And that feels weird for some reason. I guess I was kind of surprised how much I’d enjoy it.

To make it even better, the weather was perfect this morning. After the storm went through the area yesterday, the temps dropped and the humidity vanished. Running this morning was glorious. The temp was cool with a slight breeze to follow me as I ran through the Park.

So far, I’ve finished the 2nd week and will start, on Wednesday week 3 (jogging for 3 minutes at a time) for nearly 45 min of walking and jogging.

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3 thoughts on “Who knew that running could be… fun?!?

  1. NO! You have Vibram Five Fingers?!? I am SO JEALOUS!!

    Good on you with the running! That’s just awesome! It only gets better. OK and suckier. But you know how that is!

  2. Heh… I was going to leave a note on your Fitness blog (although I do need to find that link again). And yes, I have a pair of KSO Treks. They were well worth the $125 (kinda like my Keens are worth what I pay for them).

    And ya. I know there will be times when it will be sucky (usually when I wake up and don’t want to do it) but once going and have my “Biggest Loser” tunes going, it’s awesome.


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